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Trauma & Abuse

Dealing with the pain others inflict can be difficult. At Dr. Lynne Meyer, Inc., I offer abuse and trauma treatment to help you recover more quickly.


High-Conflict Custody

Facing divorce issues is a tough time especially for the children. I provide divorce counseling to help you get through the process and win the custody battle.


Bipolar Disorder & General Therapy

Do not neglect bipolar disorder symptoms. I offer bipolar disorder treatment to help you understand yourself better and not let it become a hindrance to your daily life.

Proudly Serving Beverly Hills, California

Learn About Dr. Lynne Meyer

Dr. Lynne Meyer, Inc. is based in Beverly Hills, California. I have been practicing as a clinical psychologist for over 20 years and offer consultation, counseling, and therapy. I provide therapy for trauma and abuse, high-conflict custody, bipolar disorder, and general concerns. As part of my commitment to preventing problems, I help both parties battling for custody maintain a healthy relationship.

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