Sympathetic Bipolar Disorder Treatment and Addiction Counseling

Counseling - Addiction Counseling

Dr. Lynne Meyer of Beverly Hills, California, provides bipolar disorder treatment and addiction counseling to those having a hard time with their condition. I make sure that my patients are able to live a normal life after treatment and counseling. I let them know that they are not alone and someone’s willing to help them accept or get through their situation.

Bipolar Disorder

A bipolar person has destructive tendencies that may require medication. I diagnose the disorder but cannot prescribe drugs. I will refer a competent psychopharmacologist to prescribe the right dosage of medicine.

General Therapy

Everyone has life struggles to deal with but there are some who cannot deal with it alone. Some of the common issues consulted with me are:

• Battling Sickness or Disease
• Drug and Alcohol Addiction

• Relapse of Childhood Trauma

As a therapist, I am able to guide my client to have more control of their issues. Schedule a session with me and I assure you that you will:

• Gain Insight on Your Personal Issues
• Become More Secure With Yourself

• Be Better at Regulating Moods
• Become Less Prone to Acting Out

General therapy sessions are done daily or once a week. I work on a continual basis to monitor the progress of my clients.

Contact me in Beverly Hills, CA, at (877) 671-8819 for bipolar disorder treatment and addiction counseling.